Genuine GoPro Removable Buckle Clip Attachment

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Genuine GoPro Removable Buckle Clip Attachment Official GoPro Accessories

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What is the heat rating on the adhesive?
The Removable Instrument Mount has been tested to temperatures of 49 C /120 F with a relative humidity of 85%. However – when removing the mount it is best to let it return to room temperature as the removal tab can become soft in the high heat and may be more likely to tear.

Is it stronger or weaker than the Flat and Curved Adhesive Mounts?
The Removable Instrument Mount is intended for a different application than our standard Flat and Curved Adhesive Mounts. It has been tested and approved for use on instruments and other relatively stationary items where you do not want a permanent mount. GoPro has not approved this mount for general or high speed/high vibration use at this time. Another difference is that the adhesive on the Removable Instrument Mount cures reaches full bond strength instantly - unlike our standard VHB that require 48 hours to reach it's full bond strength.

Have we seen it fall off of its mounting location during testing? If so, how?
No – The Removable Instrument Mount has performed extremely for it's intended application – even with vigorous playing on stage.

Where can you mount it on drums?
You can mount it on any part of the drum where you have enough space to mount (and eventually remove) the Removable Instrument mount - drum sides and even the drum head are OK. You may benefit from using in conjunction with the Gooseneck Mount or neck portion from Jaws Mount to capture the shot they are looking for.

Are there strips refills sold separately?
No. These mounts are intended to offer semi-permanent solutions. The purpose of them is to be removed without leaving residue if the customer ever decides to remove the mount. It is not intended to replace the Suction Cup Mount, Jaws Mount, Clippy, or other temporary mounting solutions we hav