GoPro Travel Kit Shorty Compact Case Hero5/6/7 Sleeve +Lanyard

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Genuine GoPro Travel Kit including Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod), Compact Case​, Sleeve + Lanyard For Hero5/6/7 Black Silver White

Brand New.

The GoPro Travel Kit Bundle has been created to ensure you capture stunning shots safely, when venturing out on your adventures.

This great bundle includes:

A GoPro Shorty Mini-Extending Tripod that extends from 12 to 23cm, to help with your group photos or shooting scenic vistas.

A lanyard that’s been designed to provide extra security to your GoPro. Easily attach the lanyard to your camera, then wear it around your neck. Helpfully it comes with a special sleeve to protect your device from bumps and drops.

A customizable compact case, so everything can be stowed away safely during your travels.